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Author: Shykin Veniamin
Friday 28th of October 2011 10:17:20 PM

Last Tuesday Oct 25 was the big day, the 'DAA by JBC' collection launch at Antwerp’s Central station!

When we arrived, we saw a school group joining the virtual pillow fight with Belgian top model Hannelore Knuts, but the video isn't just for kids: all kinds of people can take part in this fun pillow fight.

While the people were playing downstairs with a virtual Hannelore, upstairs the press were enjoying another pillow fight with 3 other real models lounging on a sofa. We were changing their outfits regularly, to show the entire ‘DAA by JBC’ collection.

We had a bit of a problem though: one model was ill at the last moment! In an extreme situation you need extreme solutions, so we went into the station to try and find a replacement model and too our own surprise, we found a really nice girl from Australia who wanted to help us.

Honestly, we didn't expect to find anyone but I realized that when you try to do something that seems impossible in a good mood, it's possible. There are always people who want to help you when it’s for a good cause.

In the press area we showed our costumized outfits and our banners and of course the real Hannelore, Ninette and a lot of press where there.

When we arrived at DAA HQ, Hannelore was also there with Ninette, so we had the opportunity to talk with her and we found out that she’s a great person. She told us about a lot of her experiences, how she met Ninette, etc.

She is a professional model and a passionate artist, she likes photography, in fact she became a model by surprise. She is very kind and warm, we had a nice time with her.

Now we are inviting people to go to the Central Station, come on people, let's go fight against AIDS! You still have time until tomorrow Saturday Oct 29th at 6 PM!

We only have good things to say about the launch last Tuesday. We can say that our work is done and we are so glad to have had this great experience at Designers against AIDS.

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