Switzerland: HIV causes 'simple' injury?
Author: M. G.
Monday 8th of April 2013 03:14:51 PM


Nobody can say that stigma against HIV+ people isn’t one of the main issues in the fight against the plague, for this reason it’s important to show society that people living with HIV are as normal as anybody else. It’s important to keep saying that even if you are infected by HIV you can still live a normal and fulfilling life. Well, this message was "fully received" by Swiss authorities since the Federal Tribunal of Switzerland (TF) is about to review the laws regarding HIV+ people who conceal their status and infect their sexual partner by having unsafe sex. According to the Swiss law, this kind of behaviour is considered as a crime since it causes a ‘serious injury’ to the victim but the TF asked to consider this damage as a ‘SIMPLE injury’. Why? Because of the new medications and the new standards of life for infected people... Are you kidding me?! Luckily the debate in the Swiss parliament  still has to come and the TF has not yet taken a final decision - since further examinations of these criminal cases are needed- . I really hope that they will consider the huge psychological consequences of being infected as well as that AIDS is still a danger – also in industrialized western countries –  and there is not a cure for it. The aim of every campaign against stigmatization is to portray the reality of facts and normalize the conception of HIV and AIDS matters amongst the society, but this doesn't imply that today HIV infections are less serious than years ago! Is this concept so complicated to understand? Now, I guess so and maybe we’ve taken for granted something we shouldn’t have.


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