Temptation or Willpower?
Author: Evelien Peeters
Thursday 25th of February 2016 10:12:36 AM

I never really watch television, since I don’t have one. But yesterday I kind of felt the need to see Temptation Island, a Belgian reality TV program where it’s all about…well yeah, temptation. Since everyone is completely under the spell of this TV-show, I just had to see it!

The intention of this program is testing four couples' relationships by separating them and putting all of them on an island. The women are staying together with 10 single males and the men are staying at a different place with 10 female singles. They stay in Thailand for 9 days and the couples can’t contact each other.


Wait...what, 9 days? Yes, only 9 days.

Now you must know that the single boys and girls are doing everything they can to seduce the people that are in a relationship. And according to what I’ve seen, it’s apparently not easy to be faithful.

Girls and boys sway around in their almost naked bodies, hormones all over the place, with only one thing on their mind -trying everything they can to break up the couples. As I watched the show, I couldn’t help but wonder; what happened to society and its constant balancing between brainless sexuality and intellectuality?


However everything doesn’t always have to be serious, I thought this television program was a bit too brainless for me. Is it really only about sex these days and resisting temptation? If it is so hard to be faithful in a relationship when you are apart for 9 days, then a lot of couples should start getting worried I guess. Is it only about getting to know single people and figuring out if you want to stick with your original love, or upgrade to a better “catch”?

I might be sounding like a pessimist now, but I really hope that people see through these kinds of television programs and realise that a relationship is more than just physical attraction and the idea that it is okay to just give in to every sexual temptation when you are together with someone. To me, a relationship is about commitment, and for that commitment you have to work, really hard.

And however I do like brainless television sometimes, I still can’t help but thinking about how superficial life can be.

Well, as long as we see through it and understand the difference between reality television and reality without the television, I guess it’s okay, right?

What do you think about these kinds of programs?

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