Thank God That Condoms Protect Us
Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 12th of December 2012 03:40:54 PM

It may come as a shock (probably not) but the church does not like condoms. Crazy, right? You would think that nowadays they'd almost drown in the protest actions against this issue. And you're right. Literally. The German organization Jugend gegen AIDS (Youth Against AIDS) made a statement last year by putting a statue of the virgin Mary in a glass box. Every time someone befriended Jugend gegen AIDS on Facebook, the statue would shed a tear. This way the glass box  filled up with water, until she drowned. This project was the first of its kind and thereby got a lot of media attention in hope the message to the church is clear. Of course we are aware that this is a controversial project and we don't want to insult anyone, but HIV is also an issue for everyone and safe sex is the ONLY way to prevent it hapening to you. Well, apart from having no sex, of course...

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