Thank you and goodbye
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 3rd of August 2011 11:40:24 AM


Our first group of international students showcased the safe sex video they made for DAA during their workshop at IHAEC at a presentation in Antwerp and had this to say, before they left for their home countries Turkey, Poland and Germany: "Thank you for attending our IHAEC event on Friday night at BiBi Zomerbar! The IHAEC Video workshop 2011 is over!! (click on the link to see our new video!) And it was really fun to end the project with such a successful happening. The three of us not only enjoyed working together but also became good friends. We learned so much during these last weeks and we can't wait to implement the new skills in our home countries. We were fortunate and are proud to have been part of DAA, supporting such an important cause. Take care of yourselves!!"


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