The adventure begins
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 8th of June 2011 02:31:00 PM

Hello dear readers! Here we are, foreign students in IHAEC, Begum from Turkey and Paulina from Poland. We're here to work on a video project and learn all about HIV/AIDS awareness. Yesterday we started with visiting Sensoa, Flemish safe sex organization where we heard a lecture, got some inspiration for our project and met a man who lives with HIV for over 20 years. After that, our project manager Carsten took us for a short tour around the centre of Antwerp, including the Cathedral of our Lady. After coming back to the Center, we talked about the agenda for the next (busy) few weeks and ideas for the video. Today we started with watching presentations about DAA, Antwerp and Belgium and got some practical information that is going to help us make ourselves at home here ☺

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