The Beginning Of The End
Author: Elias Bosteels
Monday 11th of March 2013 11:48:09 AM


Today the first day of my last week kicks off in a blizzard of snow and freezing cold. It probably isn't that bad but because I came by bike it felt so.

But I'm happy to have finally gotten here and to be able to drink a cup of hot tea to warm myself up again.


Like I said it's the last week of my internship here and although my projects are getting in the final stages of development there still is one unresolved thing. Perhaps even the most important thing I have ever done, defending the male race for their masculinity. Saving the status of the competitive man, fighting against the immense power of bloody good looks, brilliancy and modesty. Yes, I mean of course, my collegue Indra. She truly is an equal opponent (modesty isn't my strong-suit).


So today I will propose the ultimate challange. The all-deciding final trial of the ongoing sexy competition.

I propose that on Friday we post the blog of our lives. The subject of the blog has to be HIV prevention. We can do anything we want: make a video, take pictures, write a poem, make a song, ... Write the best we have ever written and who has the most views on Friday night at 18h, wins this final stand-off.


Indra, it's on!


Luckily she has a husky voice today, so she can't really refuse the offer.

So tune in on Friday the 15th and decide for yourself who wins the competition. And then on Friday night the winner will be announced!


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