The Big Boss Of The Flags
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 2nd of July 2013 06:40:09 PM

Report from Morocco n. 2.
The first official Air/Port flag is finally waving in Essaouira. How cool is that? I could not be present though, I am still designing some posters we need to print during the next days - I will write about them tomorrow since there are going to be other BIG news - literally.
The fact that I was not there when they were hanging the Air/Port's flag is not a big deal, really. During the next days I will also have to attend to the installation of all the other flags... around 70 of them. I will also have to give directions to the workers - like "a bit higher... higher... higher... too high! Start again!". No, I'm kidding, I'm not SO bad... but still, you will need MY approval for those flags!

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