The Day After Mother's Day
Author: M. G.
Monday 13th of May 2013 05:07:33 PM

First of all, I am really bad at remembering dates, birthdays and celebrations in general. For this, on Friday, I really appreciated my father who reminded me that in 2 days it was mother's day., I also loved Skype which, yesterday, allowed me to have a long session with my mom - it had been a while since we talked. And finally, I can never thank mom enough for being so patient. The "mother's day" moment lasted just a few minutes - with greetings and such - while the rest of the conversation was pretty much a me-talking-time, about my bad mood week, which is hopefully over now. She will always say: "It's ok, don't worry" and, also because of this reason, I just feel very lucky.

This is not the case for many other people and what upsets me the most is that I realized this only on Mother's Day. What's up with that? Just like Father's Day or Saint Valentine's Day, we are talking about celebrations that especially ask us to spend money for a present to - in this case - our mothers. I'm feeling a bit stupid but it's never too late to understand how lucky we are and appreciate it. I don't want to celebrate Mother's Day on just one day, how about I'll be decent ‘child' always? For an over-26-year-old son, this doesn't include things like behaving well, being polite, doing home-work... -Since I hope I'm a bit too old for that now- . It, hopefully, does mean something more, like trying to think of mommy as much as she thinks of her sons or daughters -this is already a hard task, I know. Furthermore, once you've achieved this state of mind, maybe you should try to take care of this relationship in a proper manner. You will be helped for sure by the fact that any little thing you'll do for her - like a spontaneous text instead of just a reply like: ‘everything is fine! Have a nice day! - will be valued a thousand times more than you will ever expect. Something more? Just be happy for all the good things you have achieved since you surely are who you are also thanks to her.


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