The Dazed & Sexy Survey
Author: Guille I.S.
Tuesday 25th of November 2014 01:23:46 PM

Back in September of this year the Dazed Digital published some questions about sex habits online and in just over a week about 10.500 men and women from 114 countries had answered these questions. This way it became “the largest anonymous survey of what digital youth do in the bedroom and on the screen, ever”, according to Dazed Digital.





50% of the people have sent naked selfies. The ones who do, think that technology has made their lives more erotic. People who don’t send naked selfies see it as more neurotic. 16 to 20 year olds are the ones who send more naked pictures. Interesting: 50% of gay men use apps to hook up, while only 10% of heterosexual people use them.




44% always uses protection


46% sometimes


10% never


Gay men are the most careful: 50% of them always uses a condom and less than 5% never uses one. Gay women are the least careful: two-thirds never using protection. Dazed also asked people how often they go to a STD clinic. The results proved that the ones who always use protection were the ones who would also be more likely to visit a clinic.

As a DAA team, we encourage you to be part of the smart ones. Just use a condom and don’t play with the destiny. It’s easy as that. And if sending naked pics of yourself makes your relationship more exciting… why not? Just do it if you really trust the other person. 


If you want to read more about the survey, check it out here.

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