The Great Game Between The Sexes
Author: Elias Bosteels
Tuesday 26th of February 2013 11:48:15 AM


As you might have read in Indra's blog-entry on Friday - where she really destroys me-  Friday we had a game located in the city. The team of the boys and the girl team took on each other to prove they were better. Actually it was all a friendly game until I, with my big mouth, made it really competitive. In the afternoon the great game kicked off!

We all got a paper with our challanges on it and Matteo and me were off to great start. We ran to the station and walked straight through because I already knew how many train tracks there were. Then we ran into the Zoo and looked at the admittion prizes. While we did the challenges we also had to look for a mystery person, when we completed a challenge we got a tip about what she looked like. When we thought we found her we had to ask "Are you the one?" So when we ran out of the Zoo we got the tip "she is small". Immediatly Matteo shouted at a random old lady: "Are you the one?!" She looked up from her thoughts, slightly scared, so we ran away.


After a few more challenges we had to sit in a bar, order a drink and take a picture of the menu. While we were enjoying our drink and planning our next move the girls walked in. All happy and not the least bit tired, unlike us. They sat down at our table and the first thing they said was, "Well well well we aren't that much behind you, are we?" Although we laughed, a cold chill ran down our spines, not because we don't love them but because we really had to win this competition and our lead was fading. We quickly emptied our glasses and while we were taking our coat a small blond girl with braided hair and a white hat walked right past us. Because this was the exact description of the mystery person we panicked. We both tried to have a pokerface so we wouldn't let the girls know she was the one, but we failed completely. It looked a bit like two mentally challanged people trying to communicate. Instead of asking the question, in this moment of sheer panic, we ran out of the bar. We completed a lot of the other challenges as fast we could, we ran, we jumped on a tram, we took shortcuts through buildings and shopping malls. We were under the impression that the girls would have been smarter than us and wouldn't have ran away from the mystery person.


We got really competitive and I will, for the rest of my life remember the moment when Matteo said: "I am really piiissed noow (read with Italian accent).

But as you might have expected, the boys won this round in the "Sexy Competition" -by half an hour.

This one is for the boys, ladies!


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