The Invasion of Antwerp
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Monday 25th of March 2013 06:21:48 PM



Hi there people from Antwerp, I don’t know if you heard that your town has been invaded? And I am not talking about an invasion from outer space or anything like that: last weekend Antwerp has been occupied by an army of young, creative designers named 'De Invasie'. Over 70 selected artists have been given the chance to present their works in public and it all took place in the center of the city in the former Ethnographic Museum on the corner of Suikerrui 19 and Kaasstraat.

'De Invasie' is organized annually and Antwerp is the biggest city that has been invaded by these creative warriros yet. So, young designers and artists, why not send your work to The Invasion team and your creations might be shown at next year's event- we already wonder which town they'll be invading next....



Check out their website:




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