The London LGBT Film Festival
Author: Evelien Peeters
Wednesday 16th of March 2016 06:16:58 PM

After the Oscars it's time for another memorable film festival: the London LGBT Film Festival. It’s the biggest one in Europe and obviously takes place in London. This year it’s a special edition, since it is already the 30thedition of this 10 day long event. Today, the festival will be opened with the world premiere of 'The Pass' of Ben A. Williams. A film that focuses on the lives of two young Premier League footballers and three of their most momentous nights in 10 years times.

Over 50 more films and 100 short films will be shown, next to a lot of special guests, workshops, club nights, etc.

On March 26 the festival will be closed with the film 'Summertime' by Catherine Corsini about two women who fall in love in the seventies in Paris.

The festival will be divided into three sections; Hearts, Minds and Bodies, that will include British film and new British talent, transgender representation and Queer Science and new technology. The latter will be looking more into the future of queer cinema and media.

HEARTS will include films about -obviously- love, romance and friendship. BODIES will feature the other side, namely stories about sex, identity and transformations. MINDS will reflect arts, politics and community in which pop artists will also be celebrated.


The London LGbT Film Festival is definitely something that should get a lot more attention, since the film industry is an important way of showing real life scenarios that aren’t marginal or banal. Even though LGBT culture is still thought of as minority, many of the films are  fine pieces of art and have complex and compelling characters.  Furthermore, this could be yet another way for LGBT people to feel better and less insecure about themselves, since many people can often relate to characters from films very well.


Number 1 on my personal film bucket list in this festival? Carol!

Since it has been voted the best LGBT film of all time, I absolutely need to see it. The film features Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, two of my favourite actresses, which makes it definitely a must-see for me.

Another crazy fact about this film: it got no less then six Oscar nominations and nine Bafta nominations - I guess that says enough, right?

Have you seen any LGBT films that you would like to share your opinion about? Please do so, ‘cause I’m certainly a bit of a film freak!

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