The Phoenix Has Risen And Is Coming To Antwerp Pride! #RiseConchitaDAA
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 13th of May 2014 11:46:39 AM

It was a victory with 290 points for Conchita! We are happy. She stood up there, believed in herself and made it happen. I think that we can even be proud that Belgium gave Conchita the maximum of 12 points. It was well deserved.

Even the Russians were a big fan of the Phoenix and knowing that Russia isn’t as LGBT friendly as we would want them to be, that’s a pretty big deal. I think we can say that this lady has had a great impact on the world.

When she arrived back home, Conchita was welcomed by hundreds of fans with fake beards and rainbow flags. Speaking of rainbows, what Conchita did this year, winning the Eurovision songfestival and just standing there being herself, is a major step forward for the LGBT community. Even some conservative countries were very supportive of Conchita. That’s a big deal.

Not only a breakthrough for the community, but also for herself. Conchita will be performing at Antwerp Pride this year on August 10 and the DAA team will be there to support her even more. She will be performing her hit ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ as the Antwerp Pride comes to an end.


May I add that you’re still welcome to show your support to Conchita and the fight for more tolerance and diversity and against homophobia by posting a picture of yourself wearing a beard (real, photoshopped,'s all good). In our opinion the campaign is becoming a success because Conchita herself liked our creations on Instagram and even favorited our tweets. We are proud and very happy. But as she says: we're unstoppble now and this is just the start. Here's to a beautiful new world!

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