The Sexy Competition
Author: Elias Bosteels
Thursday 21st of February 2013 11:54:37 AM

Yesterday I had the day off. I didn't have a spectacular day full of adventures and street races, bungee jumping, fighting and flying (or whatever the "cool" kids do these days) -in fact I cleaned my room. Although the way my room looked before I cleaned it, it certainly required the same amount of concentration. Imagine this:  a room filled with papers lying on the ground, all ready to be put back together because I need them for the next semester. Also my bed was filled with about a hundred empty condom wrappers. Not because I'm some sort of gigolo or hero in picking up women, no it's the aftermath of the PIAS label NITES. But it can't hurt to have some protection in bed, you never know what could happen. The rest of my room is private, seriously you just don't want to know (and now you do).


On another note me and Indra have a little competition going. The competition is: who's blog-entry gets read the most.

For now Indra is winning... by a lot. But, being a man and therefor biologicaly inapt to give in in competitive situations I told her it's because she looks cute and she is a girl so the sexy pictures are making her win the competition. Of course now I have to prove my allegations and show her a sexy picture gets you more views. Because I'm a stubborn person I will do this, please don't let it be in vain.

As I'm contemplating how to take the picture I realize the internet is a barren, unforgiving land of bad ideas and holds a lot of shame for many people. People in the same situation as me, trying to win a pointless competition, but there's no way back now. So please enjoy this incredibly sexy picture of me, making you hope the condoms are still in my bed!



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