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The Value Of Friendship
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 8th of July 2013 02:02:47 PM

You know those days in life where you learn to appreciate what you have? Got that today and I’m not talking about the small things, like the tram being on time or having a good lunch. No, I mean the important things, like friendship.  I have  been privileged with some of the most amazing friends you could ever imagine. I can laugh and joke around with them, but they will just as easily slap me in the face when I’m making stupid choices. They were – and I’m sure they will be – there when I went through rough times. They gave me a home when I had the feeling I had none. You know, they are a bit like family to me – Cliché, I know!  Anyway, I figured out today how important it is to realize this before it’s too late. So I’d like to thank them for being in my life And I’d like to advise you guys to do the same. Because imagine how empty life would be if you were all alone. I hope you all have the same wonderful experiences in life and the same friendships that I was granted. Because everyone deserves some love.

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