These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Author: Dita Amalia
Wednesday 13th of May 2015 03:07:17 AM

Today is my 7th day of workshop, time flies by so fast! It’s been a week now and I’ve learnt so much already. Today’s workshop feels a bit different, because we get away from the villa to have a little refreshment. Normally the workshop takes place from 1-4 pm from Monday to Friday and until yesterday we always did the workshop at Ninette’s villa in Padang Galak,  a lovely place but we have to move out today because they have to do a fogging against mosquitoes and we don’t want to breathe in that poisonous air.

I want to share how Bali has treated me in the past few days, one thing that I learned from the Balinese is that they are a very humble and lovely, not to forget to mention helpful. Since today we have the workshop Grocer & Grind in DanauTamblingan, I was browsing through the internet to find out how to get there and it turns out that I found lot of cool places worth to visit in Bali as well along the way.

The plans for this week’s workshops are very exciting for me: actually we had planned to go to Villa Kitty, a rescue and adoption center for abandoned cats and kitten in Ubud on Monday but because of dengue there, we have to reschedule our visit to one of the following weeks. What makes me even more excited is that we are going to Bali Kids tomorrow! Bali Kids is a support center for orphanages or children in need, a place which provides quality medical care and love for them. I really can’t wait to visit their place and meet the children; I really love children and I think it will be a great experience for me to get to know the children and spend some time there. So far, I enjoy the time that I’ve been spending in Bali; from the food to the people I meet. And I have a feeling that by joining the Indonesia against Aids workshop, I will become a different person in a very positive way!

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