Think Different And Fight The HIV Stigma
Author: Mirela Cosic
Monday 5th of May 2014 04:23:04 PM

You all know that DAA is all about educating people and so is the ‘Stigma Project’ team. Have you heard of it yet? Just like us, the Stigma Project is trying to lower the HIV infection rate, but also to neutralize the stigma that comes along with HIV/AIDS. The organization was founded by two lovely young men, Chris Richey and Scott McPherson.

Their main activity is eliminating the stigma of HIV/AIDS by creating awareness using art, provocation, education and by inspiring people to live HIV neutral. What do they mean by ‘HIV neutral’? Being HIV neutral means to have a certain state of mind in which you are informed and aware of the evolving state of HIV/AIDS. More so, you are willing to fight against HIV and the stigma that goes with it. It also means to be responsible when making sexual choices.

World War: HIV, Live HIV neutral, Know HIV and Think Different are just a few of their campaigns. You can check out more of them on the website.


The Stigma Project recently became an official nonprofit public benefit corporation, which they celebrated on April 27. You should definitely check out their website. 

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