Thinking of sex is part of the job here...
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Tuesday 6th of September 2011 09:38:45 PM

Today we started to prepare for the fashion event that still has to stay top secret for now.


Abelone Wilhelmsen came to the IHAEC center to help us to create this event; she's a Danish fashion designer who lives here in Antwerp. A very nice and funny person.


We did an introduction of ourselves and our work and so did Abelone.

Then we started to work, doing a brainstorming session to create a strong safe sex slogan for the show. There's a picture of this process...


We also did a research of techniques and concepts for inspiration, which was very cool to do. Basically we introduced ourselves and shared our ideas about health in sexual life and as a result we created almost 100 safe sex slogans- you will see them very soon!

See you tomorrow, Belgium- and world.



Clizia, Ven and Alexandra

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