This Is How I See HIV
Author: Mirela Cosic
Wednesday 21st of May 2014 11:06:12 AM

Before I came to DAA I knew HIV/AIDS was a big problem in the world. I would hear about it in school, on the news. But it would mostly be basic information, if that doesn’t sound cruel. I mean, it would come in the news if for example, a new potential cure was found or if a famous person opened up about being positive. But working at DAA I’ve seen a different side of HIV as well.

Every day when I have to find a subject to write about for my blog entry I come across a lot of HIV stories and news. It’s mostly the little personal stories that really get my attention. I feel that they really give you a perspective on what living with HIV is like. People talking about how they contracted the virus and how it is for them to live with it. Sometimes they can make you sad and sometimes they can give you hope and make you feel thankful for the life you’re living.

I do believe that a lot of people have no idea how BIG HIV actually is. Not just HIV, but also STDs. They just all think that: “Ohw it will never happen to me”. Don’t be so sure about that. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but people please be careful. There are ways to protect yourselves. I hope people start realizing that ‘we’ are the ones who can actually stop the virus by preventing it. It’s not that hard. I mean would you rather use condoms or regret that one night of unsafe sex for the rest of your life? I’d know what to choose.


So basically HIV is a bastard that we can get rid of we work together and be smart about our choices in life. 

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