This is so exciting!
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 11th of April 2010 02:45:47 PM

Hi guys!


My name is Titia and I'am very happy to say that I'm one of the 4 first students at IHAEC. :)


Yesterday I had a first meeting with the three other girls for the DAA workshops. They all seemed very enthusiastic and I directly felt at ease.

Steffi and Michael (the coordinators of the workshop) first gave a short introduction about Designers against AIDS and told us what their expectations were. We are creating an interactive concept for three upcoming events in Belgium: Mano Mundo (8-9 May), Antwerp Pride (24 June) and of course the Grand Opening of the IHAEC (25 June). Our goal is to spread the safe sex message but in a way that people would like to listen to it and our interested to hear more about DAA.

Of course we're documenting everything we do. The most important tool is our private ‘journal'. This little book will become our best friend the next months, we can write all our thoughts, research, successes, failures, etc. in that one small book. Of course there are also some formal documents we need to fill in; a communication plan, a general action plan, a retro planning, a financial sheet and every time we meet: a small report of the meeting.

Last but not least, they showed us some examples of good safe sex campaigns, to get the creativity going.

After a few minutes of brainstorming it was clear that some quite creative concepts could come out of this collaboration!


I'll be back soon!


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