Throwing Bags And Meeting The DJ – Just A Calm Tuesday In The Rainbow Village
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 7th of August 2013 12:33:40 PM

At the Rainbow Village for the 2013 Antwerp World Outgames, our Monday and Tuesday were calm days, with not so many people as during the weekend, as we expected. Do you think we cared? No, we did not, of course.

I took the chance of a quiet day to take part in the throwing-of-the-handbag competition, organized for the animation of the village. What's this about? Just take a bag, a yellow purse in my case, and throw it from the stage as near as possible to a sign some meters away. Not as easy as it seems!!



I did pretty well, I must say, I almost won, got second place and received a red tank-top as a prize. Drag queens were also judging the style of the throwing and I received two "10" plus the phone number of one of the judges. Impressive. The winner was the guy wearing the blue full body suit you can see in the picture.



Ayke and I also met Mark, aka DJ Mark from Manchester, who was supposed to play music on the stage of the village - right after the bag competition. He loved our DAA t-shirts and he bought one from Fashion Against AIDS 3. Afterwards he performed wearing it. Really nice.

How's it going to be this Wednesday? Wait for the next report- or better still, pass by if you're in town!






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