Time to say goodbye...
Author: Paulo Braga de Melo
Monday 27th of February 2012 12:00:45 PM

Today is my last day at the IHAEC. All I have to say about the experience of being here for the last month is that I really had a great time, I’ve learned a lot and for sure I’ve improved my knowledge about HIV/AIDS, furthermore I’ve got a very useful experience. It was a real pleasure to get to know Ninette’s wonderful project closely, which I think is educative and full of creativity. It’s such a great idea to mix pop culture (highlight for design) and HIV/AIDS awareness, so in this way the message goes straight to its main targets.   If someone ever asks me how it my time at the IHAEC was, in one word I can say: AWESOME!
I'm going to miss the whole DAA crew and its atmosphere.
I’m very glad I did this workshop!! Thanks DAA, thanks Ninette, thanks to all of you! I hope to come back soon!! :-)

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