To All You Single Ladies- And Guys
Author: Gladys C.K
Tuesday 22nd of October 2013 08:46:21 AM

I love reading other DAA blog entries in my free time as it’s a good way to compare your style of writing, to get new ideas and because they’re just fun!

The other day I read Ayke’s article ‘On a sentimental note’ about how she was missing her boyfriend who was away and after feeling like the most lonely soul on this planet I decided to stop being miserable and write about how awesome it is to be also single.

Sometime very soon I’ll be celebrating one year anniversary of being together with myself.

For somebody who’s always been in long term relationship this sounds like ages ago but I can safely say my time has never gone so fast.

No rush! The right things come when they have to; by pushing it you might end up with the wrong person or put too much effort into something that is not worth it.

Of course it’s amazing when we find someone special someday but there are also reasons to be happy that someday is not today.

To begin with, we can dedicate more time to our beloved friends and meet a lot more along the way. These are the people who are more likely to stick around in our lives so we better take care of them as much as we can.

Another good thing about being single is that we can spend more time on ourselves and do things we always wanted to do but yeah... didn't: go travelling for a month, move across the country, pick up a sport on a full time basis, go out every weekend and not having to worry who we meet, have full control of the TV remote, sleep diagonally in your bed...

Forced independence is never bad. When we have a partner we are sort of coached by them and we get used to have their support in almost every step we take. When you lack of that is when the weight is on us and that’s when we actually go and do something our way – enjoying every success and learning from every mistake.

Now the most important point when we are single is that we have to be happy with ourselves and don’t need anybody to tell us how lovely we look in the morning. Because we already do! It’s better to autonomously love yourself than to expect someone will come to us and tell us.

So as a conclusion I can say that I love to be in love but being single is just as good, you just have to appreciate yourself for what you are and do all the things that make you happy.


And stay safe all the way! 

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