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To Label Or Not To Label, That Is The Question.
Author: Manoesj Dom
Tuesday 10th of April 2018 03:49:54 PM


On this sunny day I wanted to talk to you guys about The Phluid Project, the first completely gender-neutral shop in the world. This project is committed to redefining gender labels. They create a place for self-expression where everyone can unapologetically be themselves. The Phluid Project is a place where you can pick out favorite outfits without any judgement.

I’m absolutely pro gender-neutral clothes, unfortunately not everyone is on board. Not so long ago Hema, a Dutch retail store, decided to go gender-neutral. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so many people were (are) against it. One reaction in particular took my attention. Someone took the Hema logo and suggested they made a new one: sHEMAles. People read and see what they want to believe, all that Hema is doing is removing labels. I don’t see how you can be against that?

What are your thoughts about gender-neutrality?

If you’re interested to do some shopping, here is the link for the Phluid Project: https://www.thephluidproject.com/store/


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