Two Suits And No Wedding Cake
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Monday 2nd of March 2015 11:08:56 AM

When we think about a wedding, we think about a pretty dress, a tailored suit and a huge, delicious wedding cake. But what if there are two suits involved? Don't they deserve a wedding cake too?

It happened to a couple in Indianapolis. When they asked a bakery to bake a cake for their commitment ceremony, they were told that it was "in opposition with" the Christian faith of the bakery owners. Stephens and Laney found another bakery that was willing to bake their dream cake.

You know that show on TV where the brides don't get what they expected for their wedding and they turn into so-called bridezilla's? I'm quite surprised that this wasn't the couple's reaction . They took it really well and "focused on the good". Unfortunately, this isn't the only gay couple coping with problems like this. In December 2014, the owner of a cake shop in Colorado told Fox news that he'd "rather go to jail than prepare a same-sex wedding cake".

The Indianapolis-events occured in march 2014. This Friday, however, news came out that the bakery refusing to bake the cake closed its doors. The bakery was still profitable, but after word of the refusal got out last year, the bakery was being boycotted. Nevertheless, some people travelled long distances to buy pastries to stand by the bakery.

The bakery opened its doors in 2012 in a neighborhood with a long-established gay culture. This alone should have made the owners think twice, but they say they "just didn't want to be party to such a commitment ceremony, because it reflects a commitment to sin."


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