Valentine's Fever
Author: Elias Bosteels
Monday 11th of February 2013 11:09:12 AM


What to do, what to do, what to do? I'm really stuck at the moment. Most days so far

I was lucky enough to have a really bad morning so I could write a personal blog-entry about that , but today I have no idea what to write. As I try to recapitulate what happened this weekend nothing interesting comes up either. I wrote a paper for school and ate French fries, or as they're called in America: FREEDOM fries. I mean really, "freedom" fries? That has to be one of the most unfortunate namings of modern times.



(Read with 'trailer-voice')

"Freedom fries, eat enough and you'll be bound to an electric wheelchair for the rest of your life with a surplus on cholestorol, the complete opposite of freedom!"


Anyhow there really isn't a lot to write about today, maybe the fact that next week the most dreaded date of the single person will be coming up: Valentine's Day.

If I would be in a relationship now I would tell you about all of my crazy romantic plans but no, not this year.

I never really cared about Valentine's Day that much anyway, but I remember when I was just a small little boy buying a gift for one of my first "girlfriends".

If I remember correctly I bought a small elephant in a carton box which had a heart drawn on it. I know it's really kitschy but then again I was about eight and didn't know that you had to buy a "Me 2 You" bear, probably the most sold gift at Valentine's Day to little kids. But it still it looked cute, the head of the elephant just peeked out of the box and had a smile on its face. Of course just buying the gift wasn't enough, apperently you have to wrap it up with a beautiful piece of paper and give it in a romantic fashion. I can tell you now that, although I can be romantic when I really put some effort into it, I'm not a romantic person. So when I came to school the next day, my heart beating at a steady 1000 bpm, sweating like I just ran a marathon through the Mojave desert, I gave the gift to her. Whitout saying a word I just lifted my stretched arm untill she took it. She looked at me with her big surprised, blue eyes and smiled. She pushed my arm out of the way and gave me a hug. I think I've never looked so red in my life. As all the other kids were laughing and singing some childish erotic songs I was the happiest kid at the playground.


Where I actually wanted to end this blog-entry was by giving some advice, but as you can see I got a little bit sidetracked there. So to conclude: It doesn't matter what you give your partner because they should be happy to have you -and vice versa- but just use protection because nothing is a worse gift on Valentine's day than a HIV-infection. 


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