Ven's status update
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Wednesday 4th of April 2012 06:46:38 PM

It has been almost two weeks since I returned here at DAA. Every day at the IHAEC, I have been meeting new people and doing new things; have made friends with people from different places and cultures. Living at IHAEC also makes you want to improve your communication skills, especially in a creative environment, like we have here. The topics of our brainstorms range from coming up with ideas for new HIV awareness campaigns to what we will have for dinner. The food is getting tastier and tastier each day! That guy on the photo is our current (semi-naked) chef.
There are some other big advantages of IHAEC - it is situated next to the Rivierenhof park in Deurne. Belgians have conserved big sections of nature inside urbanized areas, I try to walk there as often as I can, sometimes I even jog. This is an amazing place to see how people can live in harmony with Mother Earth - another experience to take back home.
By the way, we keep a blog about our garden, where you can see the pictures of the flowers in there, made from the same position every few days. It's

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