Visit To The Zoo Of Antwerp!!
Author: M. G.
Friday 10th of May 2013 03:55:30 PM

Yesterday, I went back to my childhood for an afternoon.. I went to the Zoo! - for the first time in my life, if I may add -
I have to say that I am not a huge fan of animals in a cage since I find them pretty sad but I remember that when I was a child I always dreamt of visiting a zoo and my parents never gave me the opportunity to do so.



Moreover the Antwerp's Zoo is extremely special since it is one of the oldest in the world. It was established in 1843 and I was really curious to visit a zoological park in Art Deco style - pretty awesome I must say. The entrance is at the central station's square, and the oldest buildings there are huge and beautiful. The funny thing is that at the top of one of them you would expect to find the statue of a national hero, or an important figure or whatever. No, in Antwerp they chose to put an amazingly big and wonderful statue of a camel. A camel! So that got my curiosity going of course, and my expectations were not let down!



I took over 200 pictures - not kidding - and I was feeling like a 5 years old child meeting an architecture student meeting a Japanese tourist. I acted ridiculous and Ayke and Sander had
to be very patient since I was always the last leaving every place because I was taking pictures of something random. But it was such fun. The house of the elephant is like an Egyptian temple, the one for the antelopes is in Indian style and the old tropical greenhouse is just like the setting for a Jules Verne's novel. COME ON! It's marvellous :D



The three of us were an unusual group considering the average profile of the visitors - parents with children. All the same, it came quite natural for me to be the kid of the situation and, even if I am 5 years older than them, I left the part of the parents to Ayke and Sander.



We entered the zoo around 12.30 and we were out just at 5 in the afternoon, totally satisfied and extremely tired and hungry. It was just a beautiful afternoon, for me it was just like visiting a fantasy world.It'll be hard to forget such an experience. Thank you Ayke!














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