Want to contribute to the awesomeness of DAA as a volunteer?
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 22nd of October 2012 03:01:30 PM


This Saturday Ninette, Niki and I went to Elisabethzaal in the city of Antwerp to participate in a volunteer fair called 'ikVRIJWILLIG'. The assignment for the day was to find local volunteers that can help DAA out during big events (preparation, handing out flyers, assist at the events and stuff like that), in the house/education center or, depending on your skills, help with the website, graphic design etc.


During the day we were handing out candy (yes, they were shaped as genitals), red ribbons and a very useful business card (which, of course, was in the form of a condom). We also challenged the people to come up with new safe sex-slogans. My favorites so far are "Don't be silly - put a condom on your willy" and "Hop it on before you hop in". The last slogan we got from our friends at World Outgames, which is the Olympics for gays, that is taking place here in Antwerp next year. So if you're interested in participating, helping out or just watch it - don't forget to check it out at http://www.worldoutgames2013.be/


Throughout the day we managed to find some new potential volunteers, but we could still use lots more. So if you're interested in lending us a hand and living in Belgium - don't hesitate to e-mail us!



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