Watch Your Back - And Your Bag!
Author: Dila Amalia
Friday 15th of May 2015 07:22:16 AM

Yesterday, me and my sister decided to rent a push bike, with basket in front of it, for a day. We wanted to stroll around Sanur and discover new places. Last night, I was happily biking in the streets of Sanur, because after visiting great places and having new experiences, what’s not to happy about? We were on the way to our homestay and I biked a few meters behind my sister. We biked on the left side of the street, because we have to be careful about the other vehicles. While I was pedaling, I suddenly I felt a hand caressing my shoulder and grabbing a hold of my handlebar. Turned out, there’s a motorcycle right beside me with the driver wearing a helmet. At first, I thought he was someone I knew from the homestay or it might be Mr Dusty (Ninette’s driver in Bali) wanting to say hi to me. For some time, we both just drove without saying anything, with him still  holding my handlebar. My mind started racing: “Who is he? What is he doing? What does he want?” because it was just so weird to me. Then suddenly, he grabbed my backpack from the basket and tried to lift it out!  He was not strong enough, so he tried to lift it out again but failed as my bag was so heavy (I brought my laptop) that he could’t lift it with just one hand, so he drove away.

In that split second, I realized that he was trying to steal my bag! As he started to get closer to my sister who drove in front of me, I thought “OH NO! NO GOOD!” then I screamed out loud until my throat hurted: “DITA, WATCH OUT!”

Because of my screams, the man thought the better of it and just drove away with high speed. I started to tremble with fear and pedalling to the homestay fast. Thank God we were just hundreds meter away from it. NOT a good experience!


After arrived safely at the homestay, I’m trembling with fear. But after some breath in breath out, I finally feel more relaxed. After that incident, I feel blessed that nothing bad happen to me and my sister, and promise myself to watch my back, bag, and that I’ll be more careful from now on.


Always remember to do everything carefully, including sex. If you do it, do it in a safe way ;-)

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