We Are Ready To Be Freddie- Are You?
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 04:35:07 PM

Today we received some very special and long-awaited items - the 'Freddie For A Day' clip on moustaches! And yes, you guess it right - although the Freddie For A Day event is only in three days (On Freddie's birthday, September 5th), we couldn't wait for such a long time and we had to try on our new moustaches immediately! But don't worry, as Freddie sang - the show must go on - and we promise to wear them again on Freddie Mercury's birthday this Friday. We are ready to be Freddie - what about you? If you didn't read the information about this event yet, our article can help:

You can find even more information on the official webpage of the event (which also has an online store, so you can buy your own Freddie moustache and lots of other goodies!): http://www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com/.
All together now: We Will RocK You- and rasie funds for the fight against AIDS at the same time!

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