We moved to our new offices !
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 27th of August 2010 03:03:23 PM


We moved!

Finally it’s official, we moved our offices from Merksem to the new Education Center in Deurne. 

This means loads more space for creative projects! Most of the boxes are unpacked, the computers are working and so is the coffee machine. 

Basically the most important things for DAA to function: computers and coffee :). There’s still a lot of work to do, painters are giving the final touches to the staircase, lamps need to be hanged and more boxes are coming out of nowhere, but  it already feels like home! Adjacent to the new DAA house, the beautiful Rivierenhof park, surrounding our offices with trees. We already feel very inspired in this new workspace and ready to rock some new DAA projects! 

Also we’re making everything ready for the new IHAEC students. Surely they’re gonna feel right at home here. 

Our new adres: Grapheusstraat 50 – 2100 Deurne.

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