Welcome To The New Age Of Virtual Flirting!
Author: Saleta A. I.
Thursday 16th of October 2014 02:25:39 PM

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that you can use in the dating game, the challenge is to find the one that suits you best. There are even new apps designed for users who don't want to mask their sexual desires under the excuse of ‘dating'- they cut right down to the chase. We compiled a list of the most popular applications to find free love but remember: if you have a date, always carry and use protection. Welcome to the new era of virtual flirting!


Tinder. Just import a photo from your Facebook profile and wait for someone to 'like' you. If you're interested, hit 'like' too and start chatting. If you like each other, make an appointment.

Grindr. The gay -and predecessor- version of the Tinder application. You can find out other people's locations, share photos and chat with people who are interested in you.


OkCupid. It's a simple app that lets you browse through different profiles, chat with other users to see if you feel connected with the other person and to make appointments.


POF (Plenty Of Fish): First of all you have to complete a registration form which takes time, it's a personality test with questions about your age, your personal interests... The application connects people with similar interests and has more than 50 million people users.


Social Flirt. After filling in a compatibility test, this app allows you to find people that you may like and that are living relatively close to you. Registration requests much data, it will take some time but the more you offer, the more chances of success you will get.


Meetic. You can meet singles, people with similar interests and browse in invisible mode to view other people's profiles without letting people know. It offers options such as geo-location, chat and find people near your location, plus you get to know in real time if anyone is interested in you.


Badoo. With this app you can see the people that go to the same stores as you do, as well as pubs, restaurants, etc. You can find people that have similar interests as you to get a successful date.


MiuMeet. The system is easy. You only have to import photos from Facebook and the app has a filter to refine the interests between you and the other person, for a date without a failure -in theory at least.

StreetMatching. If you see someone in the street that you like and this person has the application, this app allows you to geographically locate this person. With one click, the application detects the location and time that the meeting has happened, so that the user only needs to accept data and your love at first sight will be registered to facilitate a next meeting.


eHarmony. This is considered one of the most discrete apps. After filling in a questionnaire registration, this app joins people based on their interests, preferences and even their beliefs.

Qrushr. An app exclusively for women who want to meet other ladies. This app has chat, a news section and you can see the profiles of girls that are around your area.


Brenda (the lesbian version) and Bender (the gay version) are only for people over 18 years. These apps offer the opportunity to meet members near to your area, you can see the public profiles organized according to the distance, send messages and share pictures and location.


Ashley Madison. This app is created to facilitate the possibility to commit an infidelity for married people or people in a relationship. It is designed for mobile phones to avoid being caught by your partner.

Love Park. One of the simplest. You don't have to register by email, only download the app and start the virtual 'flirting'.

Breakupnotifier. This Facebook application analyzes the state of profiles of those people who you like and when it detects a change in their relationship status, it warns by email if the girl or guy you like has become single or divorced again.

Meet Me. This app connects you with people who are around your area. On the street, in a park, in a bar ... It has a chat where people are commenting on what they are doing at that moment. It also includes a section to find out who of them are interested in you and a section of questions and answers to break the ice easily.


Twine. This app connects to your Facebook account to know your interests and find people around your area and with similar interests to yours. You will not see the face of the other person until he or she decides they like you too and want to learn more.


If you don't want to have tedious and endless conversations and you are looking for something more direct, then you need Mixxxer, an app that indicates if there's someone near you looking to have a good time, send and share explicit photos -but don't worry: there's an option to pixelate your private parts. Mixxxer is intended for heterosexuals, bisexuals and couples, but if you are looking for a threesome, there is another app that is dedicated exclusively to that: 3nder. This app shows potential bedfellows by physical proximity and allows singles or couples to search to their heart's content.


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