What Easter Meant To Me This Year
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 10:37:03 AM

Easter is a big deal in my culture and family of course. It is the biggest catholic holiday and therefore needs to be celebrated properly. So that’s what we did . On the day before Easter we prepare the food which will be eaten on Easter Sunday. My mommy made some yummy cheese, lovely bread and much more. This food needs to be blessed before we eat it, that’s why we also go to church the day before Easter. I wasn’t very keen on this event because, well I had to work all day and then sit in church for an hour and a half. But hey, suck it up and be a big girl! Right? We went and did all that was needed, my father gave me a scare, we saw some nice people. This is what Easter is about. Except for the ‘my father gave me a scare’ part. This was not a part of the plan. While he was looking for a parking spot he actually stayed away for 30 minutes, did not answer my calls, so yeah I was worried. What can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl. He made my mom curse in church, but turned up eventually.

All ended well and there was Easter Sunday. My favorite part of the day, the Easter family meal. I don’t know what it is, but it always tastes sooooo sweet. It’s a real family moment and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Easter was wonderful.


It had a downside though. Hell broke loose at work. I work in a flower center as a student. Oh my lord, it was so crowded this weekend. I think actually started hating flowers….and people. Well only the one lady that was being a pain! Still holding a grudge. Anyways, it was a good weekend and I’m happy to be back at DAA. Happy Easter to all of you. Hope you had fun. Love Mirela 

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