What To Do When It’s Snowing?
Author: Indra Moonen
Tuesday 12th of March 2013 12:09:08 PM

Yes, Belgium is doing justice to its changing climate. Last week we were all sitting outside enjoying the sun, today we have 10 cm of snow. But I’m not going to whine about the weather. I’m going to give you all some nice things to do when it’s snowing!


- Making a snowman is so 2012… This year you should all make a statue of yourself with snow. Because, how likely is it that there will ever be a real statue of yourself? So enjoy being a very important person while the snow is still there!

- Do a snow photo shoot! This weather gives you perfect lighting, so this is the perfect time to take some stunning pictures.

- Hold that childish Disney movie marathon you’ve wanted to do forever but never got to. What’s nicer than watching 101 Dalmatians dig their way home through the snow when it’s really snowing like that? Maybe they even pass by your house!

- Try out new chocolate milk recipes! One fast look on the internet and you will find tons of special recipes to make delicious hot chocolate.

- If you’re not keen on going outside you can also, like me, write a blog. It’s a relaxing way to pass your time and maybe you can even make someone’s day a little bit better when they read it.

- Like you might have read yesterday, Elias is still in his competition mood and he wants me to compete against him to create the perfect blog. So you can help me to create the best blog ever to beat Elias! I recommend you all to do this instead of the 5 previous things.


I hope I helped in making this cold snowy day a bit more fun.
As for me, when I finish my working day here at DAA I’m going to my student home and have a nice and girly evening with a movie and some hot chocolate, together with my lovely lady friends.


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