When Are Human Rights Really Human Rights?
Author: Shaini Mehta
Wednesday 5th of March 2014 12:19:24 PM
Today is day 3 at Designers Against AIDS, and I can proudly say I have completed my presentation on the logistics and statistics of HIV/AIDS in India. I can't even explain what a satisfying feeling it is to be done with something, not only because I don't have to worry about doing it anymore; but also because it opens the door for new assignments.

One of the things I came across during the process of my research is how some countries do not even have a HIV anti-discrimination law. And I am thinking to myself: why is this?! How is there not a law that states that if someone has HIV, you can't discriminate against them? You can't say ‘You don't get to live here’, or ‘You can't work here’, just because you have a disease - which you didn't even choose to get. Especially since two of the main reasons that the disease are transmitted can be avoided: contaminated injection needles and unsafe sex.


I really hope that countries realize the importance of imposing this law, because if the country says that it believes in human rights, is this not a basic human right too? 

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