Where Did The Sunshine Go?
Author: M. G.
Thursday 8th of August 2013 12:49:29 PM


Yesterday was a bit of a depressing day at the Rainbow Village. Well, not spirit wise of course, but the sun left us and we had to deal with pouring rain all day. – As you can see in the picture, I wasn’t too happy about that! – The good thing? People that did pass us had a bit more time to chitchat about everything we were doing.  Our stand was packed through the afternoon because we had shelter, a place to sit and obviously because we are good company! It made for some interesting discussions about HIV in the ‘80s, the knowledge of youngsters now and why we use popculture to send our message. All by all, an interesting day! We hope for some sun and nice visitors today!  Will you pass by? 
- Ayke - 

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