Whoop De Doo – Presenting Design Prized Sex Toys
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Monday 18th of August 2014 04:27:33 PM

Young designer Anna Marešová created a set of sex toys which are so beautiful that you won't hide them in your bedside table's drawer. These sex toys, which are perfect combination of quality material, hygiene, function and purity of form were even awarded with the National Prize of Students Design.

The final products were created after a long discussion with experts in the fields of gynaecology, sexuology, technology and gender studies and are also based on a lot of questionnaires - in which she found out that most people want a stylish supplement instead of trashy objects.

For now you can buy love balls, which can be used for pleasure but also for training the pelvic floor muscles. This intimate fitness equipment is produced in two colours - pure white and passionate red.
Vibrators from this series should become available next year and for the love egg we have to wait two years.

The Design Prize for her sex toys wasn't Anna's first success: she won the same prize 2 years ago for her draft of a new Prague Tram. She's a really versatile girl!


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