Why Living Abroad Can Be A Little Drama - Where Is My Pizza?!
Author: M. G.
Thursday 25th of April 2013 04:03:22 PM

When you are far from your home country, the most difficult things to get used to are not the most different, like the language or the weather, but all the little ones of the everyday life, for example: the supermarket. You can find the same kinds of food, drinks, housekeeping stuff, but everything is different at the same time - the names, the brands, the layout in the supermarket... products look like pretty much the same as those from your home country but YOU KNOW that it is not true. It's tricky and it probably would be easier if it were completely the opposite.

That is the reason why, yesterday, my dinner was a complete a disaster. Branislava was in charge of the cooking duties and I asked her to take a frozen pizza for me since she was going to buy food. Easy? Absolutely not. You are lucky I didn't have the idea to take a picture of what I found waiting for me on the table later on. It was a tiny circle of pizza bread with burned borders, no mozzarella and some little pieces of broccoli. There was tomato, and it was the only thing that could recall a pizza.

Branislava asked me:

"Something wrong, Matteo?"

"No no... no"

I'm not a poker face, never been...

"Are you sure, Matteo?"

"YEA, sure!"


"Ok, no, it's not at all, what's wrong with this pizza?"

"It was the only one I found" - It was from a DIETETIC food brand

"Have you checked the freezers in front of the registers?"

"Ah, no, I didn't"

"Ah, that's why"


"Was it to be cooked in the microwave?"

"Yes, look at the picture"

"Well, actually it looks like a microwave. Ayke can you read the instructions?" (they were in Dutch)

"It says normal oven"



Little dramas at DAA. We are a really good group and we are all friends, so it's not a problem if these things happen, we just have a laugh and that's it - after having ordered a delivery pizza.- She made a mistake but I could have taken care of my pizza on my own too so there was no reason to complain too long. And that is also why I can write about it without hurting anybody, afterwards it became just a funny moment like many others. S...t happens but, as soon as you can laugh about it, you will always be fine, wherever you are, whatever you eat.

Thank you girls!


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