Women Age Beautifully Too
Author: Evelien Peeters
Monday 21st of March 2016 10:03:59 PM
I read an article about a sequel of Indiana Jones, the famous films about the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton, played by Harrison Ford. Apparently Harrison,who is 73 years old, will play the lead role again. Nothing wrong with that since he is a really good actor, but there’s something else that’s completely wrong: they are now looking for an actress to play next to him and a lot of women have already applied for the role, older as well as younger actresses. And apparently they want to cast a young person, preferably younger than 30. 
How is it possible that good, older actors can still play main characters in famous films, but that they always need a young female as their partner, even though in real life they could be father and (grand-) daughter?
Don’t get me wrong, love has absolutely no age! But in these kind of films it's because older women (apparently when you're over 30 you're old?!) aren’t as attractive as twenty-something women to the general public.

Even though I understand that it’s nicer to look at attractive actors on screen for some people, it’s the double standard that's bothering me. If they treat men the same way it would be less of an issue -at least to me. I agree that there are plenty of attractive women who are also great characters, but since when is Meryl Streep for example not an amazing and beautiful actress?

Why is it okay for men to get old and women are written off when they age? And if older women are more likely to be ignored in the film industry than older men, we are obviously going to miss out on some great actresses.

I feel this just emphasizes the fact that a woman’s value is often more based on her looks, whereas men’s values are based on their skills and qualities.
To me, that is just wrong and it just proves that women are still not equal to men. 
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