Zack Miko, The World's First Plus Size Male Model
Author: Evelien Peeters
Tuesday 29th of March 2016 03:01:33 PM

For the past few years plus size models have been an actual topic in the fashion industry and we have reached a lot already in changing people's attitudes about what makes a beautiful body, which is a good thing. But have you noticed that it’s almost always about female models?

I feel like men are being forgotten sometimes when it comes to the insecurity that the fashion industry and role models can trigger in everyone who doesn't have what's considered to be the 'perfect' body.


Until last week, when the first male plus size model was introduced by the famous agency IMG Models. They decided to start a division called ‘Brawn’ for bigger men and they kicked it off with Zach Miko, a handsome guy that could be your neighbour -and someone that a lot of men can relate to.


Everyone should be entitled to wear the fashionable clothes they like, not only people who fit the standard model sizes. Every brand should take this into consideration and make a change, so that every person can wear an outfit that flatters him or her. That's how everything should be for every brand. We have been told what the right way to look like is and what beautiful is for decades, but today it’s more about how what YOU decide is beautiful.

Plus size isn’t a trend; it’s the right direction into being positive about everyone’s body, as long as it’s healthy.


Not only women deal with the insecurities that come with body image, men do too. We need to step out of the thought that men can’t have body-image issues and don’t have a desire to feel and look good. They also need be able to relate to models that are realistic and not only models with the standard 6-pack.

How is it possible to be happy if the whole fashion industry tries to tell you that you have to change the way you look?  

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